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TK5 - Tuakau, Pokeno

School: Pokeno School and Tuakau College

Area Serviced: Mercer/Pokeno

Please see the information below for the TK5 Bus Route.

MORNING Route Description 

7:45am - Depart corner of Dromgools Road to George Street (Tuakau Town Hall) (via George Street)

Depart corner of George Street to corner of Ridge Road and Nikau Road (via George Street, Madill Street, St Stephen's Ave, Bollard Road, left into Whangarata Road and Ridge Road)

7:55am - Depart corner of Ridge Road and Nikau Road to Mercer (via right into Nikau Road, right into Jimeda Road, SH1, Mercer Exit, right into Koheroa Road and Riverbank Road)

8:10am - Depart Mercer to corner of SH1 and Pioneer Road Northern Pokeno End (via Riverbank Road, Horace Russel Drive, SH1 and pull into Pioneer Road Northern On/Off Ramp)

Depart Pioneer Road Pokeno End to Pokeno School (via SH1, Pokeno Exit, Great South Road and Pokeno Road)

8:20am - Depart Pokeno Hall to Tuakau College 

(via Great South Road, Pokeno Road, Whangarata Road, River Road, George Street and Elizabeth Street)

8:40am - Arrive at Tuakau College

Run 1 - Pokeno School


15:05pm - Depart Pokeno School to corner of Pioneer Road and SH1 (via Pokeno Road, Great South Road, Waikato Expressway Pokeno entry, left northern exit to Pioneer Road and Pioneer Road)

Depart to terminus at corner of Avon Road and SH2 (via left SH1, Great South Road, Dean Road, Fraser Road, Avon Road, left into SH2, right into O'Leary Road, turn at O'Leary/Rimu intersection, left into SH2 and right into Avon Road)

Depart to Tuakau College (via Avon Road, Fraser Road, Dean Road, Great South Road, Ford Street, Pokeno Road, Whangarata Road, Bollard Road, Carr Street, Madill Street, George Street and Elizabeth Street)

Run 2 - Tuakau College

15:45pm - Depart Tuakau College to Pokeno Hall

(via Elizabeth Street, George Street, River Road, Whangarata Road, Pokeno Road and Great South Road)

Depart Pokeno Hall to Mercer (via Great South Road, SH1 (Pokeno entry) and Koheroa Road)

Depart Mercer to Pioneer Road (Northern End)

(via Koheroa Road, Riverbank Road, Horace Russell Drive, SH1, drop off Pioneer Road northern end)

AFTERNOON Route Description 

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